Review Racist cashier anti Chinese.

Racist cashier anti Chinese.
Just went to this bullshit supermarket at Potong Pasir. Was met with a guy infront of me cutting queue ,I merely asked the cashier why he can cut queue, she replied me bluntly his things are here. After greeting that man thanking him, I paid for my stuff, she gave me that reluctant face, while I was putting back my change, she greeted the customer behind me . Well and well.... Greeting forms good customer service , but being neutral and compose is another. Both customers are non Chinese , and here I am treated like a bloody fool , most hilarious thing is a Chinese treating a Chinese badly in a prejudice and rascist manner. Singapore was all along , minorities accusing the Chinese as racist and posted numerous incident and expressions, even non Chinese minister is siding on , that is fair , however why the Chinese when treated unfairly and for obvious rascism has to be quiet.

Worse thing I ever think I would met is even in this supermarket just for buying eggs. How ridiculous.
How do you know the cashier was off with you because you’re Chinese and not just because you’re a cunt?

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