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Ang Mo Supermarket Pte Ltd

Lacking Discretion
It was the evening peak hour at around quarter past six at the Punggol Field branch when a lady staff was replenishing the shelves with liquor and drinks in the middle of a queue. To make matters worst, she positioned the trolley of packet drinks that could hardly fit the aisle right in the center of it. She ended up in unfriendly exchanges with customers as one has to be as skinny as a needle to squeeze through that trolley. At one point, she blamed the queuing customer behind her for not letting her know that he was in the queue. How ludicrous can one get?!? It would appear that she was venting her frustrations on bewildered customers when it could be avoided. Why choose to refill the shelves during the peak period and right in the middle of the queue with a trolley that literally blocked the entire passageway?!? Could the supervisors advise her to exercise some discretion, please?

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