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My child has enrolled in Juzmusic since she was young. Now after 8 years, they have attained a grade 5 and 8 respectively for piano and violin. My children's learning journey there has been a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Teaching : 9/10
The teachers there are friendly and more than competent, they are always willing to give their very best in order to help improve their student. They give great feedbacks on how us parents should assist our children. The guidance given is fulfilling. My child also adores the lessons, she is always looking forward to go for class. She has raved to me that lessons aren't just about trying to perfect a piece for exams but taking pleasure from the process and understanding more in depth about the composer and the style on the the piece and what would be the appropriate way to play it. The 'Suzuki' method as they call it is also a very interesting method of teaching. Although I personally don't know too much about the details, from the little I know, I actually find it very helpful for children. However I would have preferred if each lesson would cover more content.

Opportunities : 10/10
Juzmusic really does offer many opportunities for their student to step out of their comfort zone and perform for an audience. About every month, a concert will be held in the school's hall for the student's to hone their newly learnt skills and impress a crowd. Last year, they also held a large concert at the concert hall. The student's were given a chance to play in both individual and group performances. They also arranged auditions for a chance to play in an individual performance. And the best were chosen. After her experience, I find that she had grown a lot because it was her first time performing in front of so many people. (there were approximately 400 people!) We were very impressed by the service provided during such a large event and are looking forward for more opportunities as such.

Convenience : 10/10
Juzmusic has 3 branches, Parkway Center (the main), OneKm and Tanglin Mall. Since I live very near Parkway Center, I've never had to worry about how to transport my daughter to the school for lessons. I do work, so it is very convenient that my child can simply just walk to lessons.

Overall: 10/10
I highly highly recommend. I have introduced a couple of friends to the school and just like me, they have nothing but positive things to say. If you're searching for a music school with teachers that will inspire their student and lead them to strive for excellence, I'm sure that Juzmusic is the school of your dreams!