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Bought a voucher deal for acne at this place. At first, I couldn't find the place as it's located in riverside point. Really busy on the ground floor but very quiet and I guess peaceful on the 2nd floor.

No issues with appointments through sms or email. When i got there, i was given a form to fill where i had to give details about my skin etc. I was told that I only needed to put my email down if I wanted to be on the mailing list. At first, I left it blank but after the treatment, I decided I did. There were only 2 therapists there but I was never made to feel I was in an unprofessional environment. During the consultation, the treatment was explained and the therapist honestly said the reason for the deal was to introduce their treatments to more people. The promos where mentioned upfront so I had all the information beforehand. No shocking prices or add ons and all that.

All in all, I didn't have to wait, everything started on time and the treatment which was a glycolic peel facial from Alpha-H did show results.

I would recommend!
This is an excellent place to have your facial. Every detail is covered so you get the exact facial needed for your skin concerns. Only 2 experienced beauticians here, Carole and Julia.

They use Alpha-H professional (my favourite!) EMK placental and Bion Skincare from US. No extractions but lots of TLC and products used during the facial. My bumpy skin was smoothed out in the first 10 minutes!

Call ahead and make an appointment before going down.