Corporate Actions Advisory & Documentation

CorporateRoom is able to advise, document and execute on the steps to assist with buyback and reduction of paid-up capital. These steps include:

- Compliance with Section 78A of the Companies Act
- Check for requirement for creditors approval
- Ensure compliance with solvency tests, publicity requirements and updated ACRA guidelines
- Preparation of documents for the relevant authority’s approval
- Ensure compliance with waiting periods and court order approvals

CorporateRoom assists our clients with the proper advisory, documentation and issuance of preference shares. Some of the steps involved include:

- Ensuring of Shareholder approval under Section 161 of the Companies Act (CA)
- Updating and editing of the Company’s Constitution, pursuant to Section 75 of the CA
- Working together with legal support for the subscription agreement and shareholders’ agreement
- Preparation of required director resolutions and EGM documents