Engraving Services

Engraving Services
About the product
Engraving is the process of creating indents on surfaces.

At Brighten, we are specialists in rotary engraving, which uses a needle spun at high speed to create indents specifically on acrylic and aluminium surfaces.

Rotary engraving is commonly used for switchboard labels, machinery tags, door plates and more.

Compared to most laser engraved and printed items, the indents are deeper and more durable.

The process of rotary engraving differs from chemical etching in that it’s carried out on the following acrylic surfaces.

The most common material used for acrylic labels.
Consists of 2 layers (2 ply), and is mostly used for indoor, switchboard/panel and all other general labellings.
Wide range of colors and fonts to choose from.

It is fire-resistant to 180 degrees celcius, and has 3 layers (3 ply) instead of 2.
Usually used on machineries or service cabinets emittance of moderate heat.

Our engravable aluminum comes in 2 finishings: Gold and Silver.
Outcome of engraving texts/designs are colorless but noticeable.

1 solid layer of plastic, also known as Perspex.
Thickness ranges from 1mm to as thick as 50mm if needed.
Versatile usage such as company signages, warning signs and notice boards.
Can be engraved and then filled with color paint.

A 2 ply plastic, with a transparent top ply and a black/white bottom ply
The engraving is done at the back of the material.
Used mainly for control panels, which are prone to scratches. This material protects the engraving text/logos because the engraving is done below the top ply.
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