Metal Chemical Etching Services

Metal Chemical Etching Services
About the product
Chemical etching is the process of using acid to carve indents on metallic surfaces.

Chemical etching is commonly used for labels and signages required to withstand the elements and undergo extensive usage for long periods. Examples include machine control panels, outdoor signages, cable markers and more.

At Brighten, we complement etched products with thinner-resistant paint that fills the indents. These products are highly durable in multiple environments and are resistant to the elements and chemicals.

Chemical etching can only be carried out on metallic surfaces. We offer chemical etching services on the following types of materials:

We offer 2 grades of Stainless Steel: 304 and 316, with thickness ranging from 0.5mm to above 9mm upon demand.
SS304 is for general usage, and has the option of hairline (brushed metal) finishing.
SS316 is normally for marine usages, as it is more resistant to rust.
Using chemical etching, which is very similar to engraving, our color etching is thinner-resistant.

Thickness range from 0.5mm to 3mm.
We coat our aluminums with clear lacquer (anodize is required) to protect it from oxidizing.
Finishing of aluminum is a lighter shade of metal compared to stainless steel.
Not advised to be used outdoors.

A mixture of copper and zinc, our brass is a dull gold hairline finishing, also coated with clear lacquer to prevent from oxidizing.
Used indoors mostly under air-con environments for high-priced items like artworks, presentations and award plaques.
Thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 3mm.
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