Team and People Management Courses

We go right into the core of what drives your employees at work everyday. Starting with gaining the confidence to get through the process of hiring and performance appraisals, our team and people management courses are designed to help you set goals, motivate your team, manage conflicts and learn how to manage team dynamics.

Recruitment & Selection Techniques: Hiring the Right People
Apply tried and tested questioning techniques to obtain relevant evidence from the candidate within one hour of an interview, and find the best match candidate.

Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance
Management & employees must be equipped with the skills to set clear and aligned key performance indicators and individual staff goals. Master the necessary soft skills to lead your team towards successful goal achievement.

Conducting Performance Appraisal Sessions Successfully
Through video training, class exercises and discussion, this course will equip appraisers with knowledge, techniques and skills to conduct performance management with confidence.

Handling Employee Grievances, Discipline and Termination
Master the skills to handle grievance and disciplinary actions, such that difficult employee situations can be turned around to become opportunities to enhance employee performance.

Working with Different Personalities
Every employee has personality traits that are unique to their person. While some characteristics are welcome, there are others that can result in unnecessary challenges and ultimately affect the dynamics of the office environment.

Conflict Management and Resolution
This workshop is designed to help you to understand conflict better, develop your personalised strategy to deal with it and be more empathetic towards others.

Effective Talent Management
This course will focus on how managers can effectively impart best employee practices and handle people matters effectively, to propel the organisation forward.

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