Invoice Discounting - Factoring

Invoice discounting is a financing solution that allows businesses to quickly unlock cash from the future trade receivables at a discount. It provides fast, convenient and flexible cash flow to either bridge the business working capital needs or expand the business.

Traditionally, invoice discounting is a market that is taken up by banks and finance companies. Due to recent regulatory changes, banks will have to offer this form of financing at less competitive rates. As a crowdfunding platform is not subjected to such relation, Capital Solutions can still offer invoice discounting to small businesses at attractive rates to borrower and allow the businesses to only sell invoices as needed, giving the flexibility to manage the cash flow and working capital needs appropriately.

At the same time, Capital Solutions offer an alternative investment to investors at an attractive return. We offer good quality deals to investors with multiple layer of credit protections to investors at a relatively good returns and short duration (typically between 30 to 90 days).

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