Review of Rodex Movers

Review of Rodex Movers
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I would strongly not recommend Rodex Mover because of their service. I called them on a Wednesday to enquire my moving in Nov13. Yes they were efficient to send this guy to assess my house on Thurs, he said he would send the quotation on Fri (within 24hr). On Fri, nothing rec'd till late afternoon, I called the guy and he said he would send to my email add shortly. Still nothing rec'd 1-2 hrs later, so I sent him a SMS to reconfirm my email add. NO reply via SMS and no quotation via email till Monday morning, so I called again. I was appalled that the guy could not recall instantly who I am and even my house he visited. I just could not accept such service n had to feedback to his manager who is even more upsetting. She was not at all apologetic and even bluntly (with attitude) said it was the guy's oversight! (That's it, not a word of sorry). Worse, said my requested move date was fully booked since 1 month ago. She showed no interest in doing my biz n has no service recovery skill! She is totally not service oriented! really hope my review can reach as many people as possible who may be thinking to engage them, pls do reconsider! AND I hope the real boss can see this, should start worrying about having such employees in the company.

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