Review Poor quality work and unprofessional staff

Review of ALCO Sunshade Pte Ltd

Poor quality work and unprofessional staff
We engaged Alco Sunshade to do our roofing through our ID. The Sales Manager in charge of our project was Eric Yeo. Alco did a really poor job with the roof. After 2-3months, the roof leaked and the steel bars that were used to hold the roof up started to rust!

We tried many times to schedule an appointment with Eric and his team but he always found many excuses to delay the repair works (e.g. he said the vehicle broke down for a 11am appt, then when we said he could come later that day in the afternoon, there was still no show).

We are very disappointed and frustrated with the irresponsibility, lack of professionalism and poor service. Hence, we would definitely NOT recommend Alco Sunshade to any of our family, friends and relatives. It is such a shame that an established company will produce such poor quality work and employ such unprofessional staff.

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