Nexus Executive Corporate IT Maintenance

Benefits of Nexus Corporate IT Maintenance Plan

1) Priority Service in Scheduling (Higher priority for contract customers)
We guarantee fast and immediate response. Depending on your contract, this can vary from 3hr to 8hrs from the placement of the call to your doorstep.
Unlimited Email and Phone Support During Operating Hours
Faster response for Business users
After Hours support for contract customers
You will be held in greater priority over other non contract customers.

2) Preventive Maintenance (Prevent failures before they occur)
Scheduled on-site visits to check health of systems, alerting you to any impending failure
Back up emails/data and optional system cloning for quick and fast data restoration
Monitor System Logs to identify potential problems
Ensure Security Patches are updated correctly to prevent exploitation by viruses and worms
Check System logs for any evidence of impeding hardware failure or data corruption
More cost effective to prevent failures than to rectify them
Eliminates any unnecessary downtime

3) Problem Analysis & Topology Report (Identify problems and offer solutions)
Asset tagging and tracking – Detailed information on all systems will be given to you upon completion of the report, enabling you to easily keep track of your current IT inventory and IT network settings
Problem analysis and resolution – Any problems found during the course of the report will be documented and remedial action to resolve these issues will be presented to the client.
A full topology of your office setup and network will be created for you.

4) Personalized Services (Service with a personal touch)
Dedicated engineers will be assigned to attend to you. This eliminates the need of having to explain yourself again and again to every new ad-hoc vendor that comes down to assist you.
As part of any maintenance package, professional advice pertaining to all IT matters will be provided free of charge.

5) Discounted Price Rates (Long term cost savings)
Depending on the nature of contract agreement, you will be given a discounted price rate of up to 20% off from the normal price rates, resulting in significant cost savings in the long run

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