Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We are BIM manager, who can create and manage your building information model (BIM) in any building or construction stage. We have successfully utilised design models to link to the quality rendering plugins during design progress, and dealing with the design changes without delaying the immediate production of quality 3d images and 3d videos.

Our 3d models can produce detailed design packages with relevant documentations for the authority submissions and pre-construction coordinations. It has been effectively cutting down the times and costs for all design meetings and coordination works.

We have always experienced to work side by side with client design team in the technical design or specialist design stage, just to ensure all relevant design information are developed and contributed into the progress of BIM. Some partial completed detailed 3d models are also used to link to high quality rendering plugins for the production of presentation media.

Our teams are also available for working with the construction team to resolve on site design issues; and any relevant to the design deviations and changes; and input of new survey information into BIM in construction stage until the production of final 'as built' packages from BIM.

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