Construction,TIG /MIG welders recruitment agency

About the product
Being one of the major recruitment services in China recruitment agency, construction and TIG /MIG welder recruitment helps us to conquer the Australian market in the peak year while 457 working visa did not require English score, which we supplied more than 300 tradesmen and counting more than 60 % of the Chinese welders, renovation tradesmen. In the Singapore market, most of the major marine companies have our welders, markers and fitters.
All welders enjoy very well paid in China in coastal provinces, we can still fit your vacancies with reasonable pay. As for the construction workers, we have been supplying China main contractors with farmworkers, concreter, titles, plasters, carpenters, painters, bricklayers, etc. for their overseas projects. If you need help on the recruitment of the abovementioned tradesmen, please contact us or email us.
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