Tami Bar BT Sports

The Tami bar BT will meet the daily rigor of fast paced office needs 24/7 through a constant supply of pure quality water. The bars are directly connected to the water system and do not require costly over-time bottle replacements.
They come in a stylish modern design with silver or white tones. Their unique energy saving functions make them cost efficient to offices with less employees.
Great tasting, ice cold or boiling hot water is at your fingertips at a touch of a button.

Call us at 67429558 or email us at sales@tami.com.sg to get your quote today!

Get up to $600 trade in for any old water dispenser in any brand!

Main Features and Benefits
High quality 10 Micron carbon block filter which removes all fine particles, tastes and odours including 99.9% of Chlorine and VOC’s and Crytosporidium cysts which may be found in your water
11 Watts UV lamp in the cold tank ensuring no bacterial growth can occur even if throughput is low
High capacity throughput 12 litres per hour through hot or cold tanks
'Extra hot' technology for boiling water
Electronic valve taps - no drips
Sleep Mode for energy saving
Child Mode Protection - for preventing hot water accidents

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