Tami Primo

Price: 1200
A home drinking water revolution
Primo, an innovative, award winning water dispenser heralds a new generation in water drinking design and functionality. It introduces triple purification and filtration combined with an advanced programs unit.

Drinking water as you never experienced before
Tami Primo's intelligent programs unit raises the customer experience to a new level; with one touch it instantly dispenses a continous supply of cool, chilled, hot or boiling hot water, as you like it, when you like it.
Fully customizable water temperature and dispensing volume just the way you like it at a touch of a button!

Pure great tasting water
Primo’s Triple Purification and Filtration comes with an activated carbon filter that removes 99.9% of chlorine which may be found in the water, lime scale and rust from tap water. Primo’s advanced ultraviolet lamp protects the water after de-chlorination.

Main Features and Benefits
Unique high quality 0.6 Micron double block activated carbon filter which removes all fine particles, tastes and odours including 99.9% of Chlorine and VOC’s and Crytosporidium cysts which may be found in your water
11 Watts UV lamp in the cold tank ensuring no bacterial growth can occur even if throughput is low
'Extra hot' technology for boiling water
Electronic valve taps - no drips
Sleep Mode for energy saving
Child Mode Protection - for preventing hot water accidents
Full Customization of water temperature by User
Simple user replacement of filter and UV Lamp
Full Customization of dispensing volume
Now comes in 5 different colours to match your kitchen decor!

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